Today At Apple 2019

The Big Draw Festival 2019 comes to Apple Stores around the globe 

The Big Draw Festival | 1-31 October | Worldwide 

Every one of Apple’s 508 stores, in 25 countries, will host hands on Today at Apple sessions as part of The Big Draw Festival 2019 this October

> Led by a diverse group of artists, designers and influencers, 18 select stores are hosting 90 specially curated sessions as part of The Big Draw Festival 2019 themed: Drawn To Life exploring wellbeing through creativity.

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The Big Draw is excited to announce the return of our collaboration with the Today At Apple programme. Increasing this years offering in reach and ambition, the 2019 event programme which aims to explore the possibilities of digital drawing, builds on the success of last years month long programme as part of The Big Draw Festival at Apple stores worldwide.

Drawing enthusiasts and reluctant doodlers alike are invited to try their hand at a range of fun and informal workshops led by some of the world's most innovative creative talent.  Highlight sessions will focus on this year's 'Drawn To Life' Big Draw Festival theme which explores the benefits of a more creative life for wellbeing. As well as giving visitors a fascinating insight into the many careers where drawing plays a pivotal role.

This years sessions are for casual doodlers to established pros, of all ages, to experiment with new apps and explore the possibilities of digital drawing. From designing cartoon characters, to creating motivational text pieces, to product design, playing with motion, designing buildings and even re-imagining whole towns, there is something that will draw you to life at each of our sessions this October. You might just discover a skill you never knew you had.

See your everyday in a new way!  Find a free art session near you Get hands-on with iPad and take part in fun drawing activities that let your imagination run free. Each store will host:

Art Lab for Kids: Draw Your Own Emoji
Art Walk: Discovering Color
Art Walk: Drawing from Observation

To find a session at an Apple store near you this October click here

Explore  the innovative creative talent programme across Apple’s 18 high profile stores specially curated as part of The Big Draw Festival 2019:


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Take a look at what we got up to in 2018!

Throughout October 2018, the #TodayatApple programme celebrated The Big Draw Festival with over 100 free, hands-on sessions at 7 different Apple Store locations around the world — from London to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dubai, Milan and Singapore. From casual doodlers to established pros, people of all ages and all abilities were invited to take part and bring their sketches to life using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

The Big Draw continually seeks to promote the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention. Through our collaboration with Apple and these accessible, diverse and eclectic mix of creative, educational sessions the Today at Apple programme helps us to spread this ethos far and wide.