What We Do

 We campaign to widen understanding of drawing’s value as a tool for learning at all ages. We work in partnership with other professionals and agencies to achieve our vision and goals, to extend participation and reach new audiences.

 We deliver projects and programmes of activity on a regional, national or international level, always designed to raise drawing’s profile.

 We champion the importance of drawing in creativity, and its vital role in both formal and informal education. We advocate that drawing should be embedded across the curriculum and at all key stages in primary and secondary schools, and provide a platform for exchange and debate –both virtual and ‘tangible’.

 We share information and engage with research and policy developments involving visual literacy to widen understanding of its role in our lives.

 We create opportunities for artists, such as the John Ruskin Prize, and co-ordinate partnership projects such as the Sail Art competition as a means of increasing schools’ engagement with drawing and design.

 We actively support and input to new research and resources relevant to drawing. We commission and collaborate. We work to provide a narrative and irrefutable evidence of the importance of cultural education

Professional Development

The Big Draw has produced notable programmes like:

 T.E.A, Thinking, Expression, Action - continuing professional development for Teachers,

 Train the Trainers

 Power Drawing Professional Practice

 Annual Awards ceremonies recognise events that open drawing to new audiences

 Drawing Associates, providing regional skill-sharing, advocacy and promotion of visual literacy

The Big Draw Festival

Every year over 1000 events reach approximately 400,000 participants to create the world's biggest drawing festival.

3,000,000 people are reached by The Big Draw Festival each year through national, regional and local media and marketing