Sponsor Partners 2018

Big Draw Festival Events run by our 2018 Sponsor-Partners

Thank you to our 2018 Sponsor-Partners who represent a wide spectrum of organisations from all corners of the globe: From universities to shopping malls, theatres to local authorities. For each partner, drawing and visual literacy plays a vital role within their organisations and The Big Draw Festival represents a key event in their calendar, a way of drawing their communities together and creating a memorable, truly accessible event. 

Take a look at some of the show-stopping events hosted by our Sponsor-Partners in 2018!  View all events here or sign up to our localised event mailer for Big Draw events in your area this autumn. The main Festival still takes place in October worldwide, but Big Draw events take place throughout the year.

Clip courtesy Tamworth Arts & Events, 2017.

Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries, UKView Inspire's Play 2018 events 1 Oct - 3 Nov | Read our 2018 Feature

Snite Museum of Art, USAView Snite Museum's Play 2018 events 2 Oct - 27 Oct | Read our 2018 Feature

York Museum's Trust, UK | View Play 2018 events at York Art Gallery  4 - 26 Oct

Guildford Borough Council, UKView Play 2018 events at venues across Guildford 7 - 28 Oct | Read our 2018 Feature

Museum in The Park, UKView Museum in the Park's Play 2018 events 21 Oct

artsdepot, UKView artsdepot's Play 2018 events 22 Oct

Shakespeare's Globe, UKView Shakepeare's Globe's Play 2018 events 22 - 26 Oct

Bletchley Park, UK | View Bletchley's Play 2018 events 23 - 25 Oct

National Portrait Gallery, UKView NPG's Play 2018 events 25 October

St. Albans Museum & Gallery, UK | View Play 2018 events in St. Albans 30 - 31 Oct

Centraal Museum Utrecht, The Netherlands | View Play 2018 events  21 & 25 October

The British Museum, UKView Play 2018 events 27 Oct

Gloucester Cathedral / Pilgrim Project, UK | View Play 2018 events 25 - 27 Oct

The Big Draw Barcelona / Museu Picasso, Spain | View Play 2018 events 28 Oct

University of Lincoln, UK | View Play 2018 events 15 - 17 Oct

Aust-Agder County Council, Norway | View Aust-Agder County's events at 37 schools across the region! 

John Hansard Gallery, UK | View Play 2018 events

Liverpool Hope University, UKView Play 2018 events 23 Oct

GEMS Wellington School, Qatar | Events upcoming!

University of West Florida Historic Trust, USA | Events upcoming 

The Mercury Mall, UK | See events (April 2018 with more to come..)| Read interview

Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten, China | Events upcoming!

The Walt Disney Family Museum, USAView WDFM's Play 2018 events 13 Oct | Read our 2018 Feature

The Big Draw Italia, curated by Fabriano, ItalyView Play 2018 events across Italy 15 Sept - 14 Oct | Read our 2018 Feature 

University for The Creative Arts, UK | View UCA's Play 2018 events 10 Oct

Tamworth Arts & Events, UK View Tamworth's Play 2018 events 6 OctRead our 2018 Feature | Big Draw Awards Winners 2017!

National Trust Stourhead, UK | View NT Stourhead's Play2018 events! 6 Oct | Read our 2018 Feature

The Big Draw Nijgemen / EXPOPLU, Netherlands| View Big Draw Nijmegen's Play2018 events | Read our interview with the organisers

Interested in becoming a Big Draw Festival 2018 Sponsor-Partner? Contact us below or scroll for more information on the benefits!

Many thanks to each and every organiser worldwide who makes The Big Draw Festival what it is! Anyone can get involved: From schools to science centres, museums or malls, libraries or lidos, anyone who is passionate about the role of drawing (in all it's many guises!) in our lives.

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